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Guildereim and The Golden Tether especially are centers of trade and commerce, so people from many places mix and mingle here. That being said, there are some styles that are more common to the island than others, namely Tribal from the Nagas, Indian, Arabic, Asian, and 18th century English. This is just a rough guide so you know how your character is supposed to dress if they're from this area. You can mix and match among the classes and styles as you see fit.

Tend to wear sturdy, plain clothing made to last instead of look pretty. Color of clothing is often whatever the color the material was to start with.


For males, consisted of lace or buttonup boots, breeches, and simple shirts, perhaps with a vest. Females often wore long, layered dresses with underbust corsets. Very rarely would they wear jewelery, and if they did it would be of some cheap metal or other substance.


Mostly the same as English, though womens dresses had fewer layers and were more sari inspired and men's shirts tend to be longer. Peasant clothing is always simple.


Tribal "peasants" are really just tribe members with no special titles/jobs. Their clothing is of natural materials, either homewoven cloth or leather and can sometimes be as little as a simple loincloth or no clothing at all depending on the tribe. Jewelery here is usually symbolic, arm bands with teeth in them, or amber, or a lock of hair from someone you love.
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