General Dream Rules

The Golden Tether is by default, a Strict Roleplay and consent dream.

  1. Player Age

    1. The Golden Tether is an adult themed dream, with adult situations. All players MUST be eighteen years old, or older (18+). There are no exceptions to this rule, complying with Furcadia/ Dragon's Eye Productions Rules and Conduct policy (Rule 4). If you are located in a country where there is a younger age of majority law, you are still expected to comply with TGT's age requirements.

    2. If you are found to be underage, or questionably so, you will be banished and removed from the dream. This includes websites and logs that may list your age. The excuse that it has not been updated or the age was a joke is too much of a liability, and will be counted on as 'current age'. You may be asked for your birth date, or you may appeal at the time in which you become at least eighteen years of age.

  2. Character Age

    1. In compliance with Furcadia/ Dragon's Eye Productions Rules and Conduct policy (Rule 4), characters ICly must be, look, and act at least eighteen (18+) years of age in both description as well as in linked media such as, but not limited to character websites or image galleries. For feral types, they must be mature / in their adulthood to avoid conflict, as TGT's adult oriented environment may include sexual and violent situations.

    2. You may be asked to change your character based on this rule, asked to leave, or include a tag to clarify character age. You may be temporarily banished from the dream if you do not make a requested change in a timely fashion.

    3. You may not roleplay a NPC (non player character) that is underage in TGT. Having your character's NPC child sitting next to them at the bar, is a good example. It is preferable to avoid in depth character discussions (IC) about underage characters.

  3. Courtesy, Respect and Authority

    1. Employing both respect and courtesy comes very highly recommended when interacting with any other player in TGT, both IC and OOCly.

    2. Staff authority is to be respected and adhered to in all situations. Please do not argue with any staff member, as they are here to ensure the continuity of the dream, and are very well informed and trained. If you are having an issue with a staff member, please bring it to the dream's OOC staff or management team.

    3. Malicious behaviour is not permitted. This includes posting or saying very rude or abusive things on the forums, OOCly, or through your character. You may not engage in behaviour that encourages conflict or drama. You may not use your character to express your dislike of a character or player in an OOC fashion.

  4. Harassment and the Silence Rule

    1. Harassment is termed as the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying or abusive actions towards someone or a group. Harassment of any player, character or group in TGT is not allowed.

    2. If you cannot get along with someone or are being harassed, it is recommended that you utilize the Silence Rule. If your situation escalates beyond what the silence rule can help you with, please contact Furcadia's guardians at

    3. TGT can only police what happens publicly in the dream. If harassment is being conducted through the dream, please contact OOC staff for assistance and ensure you keep all logs of your interactions. If your issue is personal, unrelated to TGT or not taking place in the dream, please use the silence rule and contact the guardians instead. TGT will do it's best to help you, however we cannot police all disputes.

    4. Catfishing is a bannable offense. It is defined as luring someone into a relationship/friendship through the use of a fictional offline persona. You are not obligated to share any personal information at all. Great amounts of discretion should be used whenever you do share personal information about yourself. You may not lead someone on with false information.

  5. Inappropriate Content

    1. Racially offensive or hateful language is not allowed.

    2. Rape is not permitted. As per Furcadia/ Dragon's Eye Productions Rules and Conduct policy (Rule 4), usage of the word rape or any variation (raping, raped, rapist, rapeable, ect) are not permitted ANYWHERE in Furcadia. You may not engage in roleplay that includes obvious rape scenes.

    3. "Age-Play" is prohibited in TGT and everywhere else on Furcadia, Furcadia/ Dragon's Eye Productions Rules and Conduct policy (Rule 4). Ageplay is defined as engaging in sexual situations with underage characters. Themes such as "Young/Cubs", "Babyfur" and "Parent and child" are not permitted anywhere. There should not be any mention of any theme involving underage characters attached to any of your characters, or searchable on sites such as f-list.

    4. Very offensive or overly inappropriate characters are not allowed. Such as Nazis, and characters that are excessively hateful and/or racist.

    5. Posting lewd photos of yourself, or oversharing sensitive personal information is not permitted. Posting real photos or sharing personal information about another member is also not permitted.

  6. Continuity

    1. Any character, roleplay, ability or large world assumption that violates TGT's established continuity is not considered valid. Such as a futuristic character setting fire to the entire island in a spaceship. You may not take any action with the intent of harming or disregarding TGT's continuity, setting and environment.

    2. Large world assumptions and actions with large and public effects such as large amounts of destruction or murdering NPCs must be approved by staff. Major actions that have not been approved by staff will be either ignored or reversed.

    3. Characters must fit into TGT's continuity to be allowed in public scenes. If your character does not comply with the acceptable character creation guidelines, you may be asked to move to the OOC room or a private area.

    4. Please note that the dream portals are only for private dreams and households that fit within TGT's continuity. Public dreams, dreams intended to be businesses or separate continuity or era, must be uploaded outside of TGT.

  7. Problems, Ejection and Banishment

    1. All interaction with players by OOC staff in any official or representative capacity is logged and recorded. Interaction logs are archived, and are viewable only by OOC staff and management with very strict guidelines and restrictions to help maintain your privacy.

    2. You will be informed by a staff member if you have indeed been ejected or banned, and given a reason as to why. Every time the eject or banish feature is used, it is recorded. Although you are very likely to not agree with an ejection or banishment, please respect the decision of staff, as it was made to serve the best interests of the community.

    3. TGT reserves the right to eject or banish any character or player for any reason.

    4. Furcadia does not support alt trading. And as such, TGT has no way to determine which alt belongs to a particular player. An alt that has been banished from TGT will not be unbanned due to the alt being sold and switching hands. This is especially true if a former player of a banned alt had been removed for being underage. It is recommended that you use a different alt or name.

  8. Consent

    1. Consent is TGT's default. This means that within reason, anything that happens to your character is up to you only. You are not obligated to roleplay with anyone, or engage in any situation that you do not wish to. Whispering your rp partner(s) to obtain permission before taking a drastic action against them is encouraged. Communication is important.

    2. Although TGT adheres to the consent rule, it also employs the concept of IC actions lead to IC consequences. You should not expect your character to not be severely punished if they murder an NPC guard, as an example. You may not use the consent rule to dodge or get out of realistic situations that your character may wind up in.

    3. Staff may be required to take IC actions against your character to ensure that the continuity is being properly upheld. Although these actions should be discussed through whispers to make sure there is minimal conflict.

    4. God-modding is defined as a character having limitless abilities, and being entirely unstoppable or untouchable. God-modding is highly frowned upon, and is not permitted. It reflects poorly on the roleplayer, and does not support a fair or friendly roleplay environment

    5. Auto-hitting is posting as though your intended action towards another character was successful, and leaves no opportunity for the action to be realistically responded to. Auto-hitting is not permitted. It is recommended that you whisper your rp partner(s) to obtain permission before taking a drastic action against them. Communication is important.

  9. Sexual RP and Fighting

    1. Fighting is not permitted in main IC areas, as it is disruptive to others in the area. Fighting is however acceptable in the arena, underhall or private areas. If your character does engage in any fighting or disruptive violent behaviour, NPC guards will ask them to move, or escort them to an area where fighting is acceptable.

    2. Roleplay with overly sexual themes, or engaging in sex is not permitted in any public area. Please use the private rooms, or very secluded locations instead.

  10. Spam and Advertisements

    1. Spam is not allowed. It may be termed as links, words, actions or commands that are out of place, repetitive, or intended to cause conflict. Sending large numbers of cookies or desctags in roleplay areas can be considered spam. Alternatively, using your avatar in a disruptive fashion is also not permitted, such as repeatedly walking into your friends, or using avatars with large amounts of animation in roleplay areas. Forming long chains using the lead/follow commands is also not permitted.

    2. Blatant advertisement is not allowed in TGT. Although you are more than welcome to include tasteful advertisement in your descriptions, forum posts and conversations, being in TGT with the intent of advertisement is not permitted. This can include pasting links or advertisements in roleplay areas, displaying a description that is entirely an advertisement, or actively whispering dream members to solicit. If you do not change your advertising description in a timely fashion, you may be moved to a non-roleplay areas of the dream or ejected.

  11. OOC

    1. The majority of the dream is intended for roleplay only, and there are designated areas for engaging in OOC chat. While in roleplay areas, all OOC is expected to be kept in whispers.

    2. Persona play or OOC roleplay is defined as expressing yourself as a player through your character, and is not a suitable type of roleplay for TGT's setting. Your character is expected to be separate from yourself as a player. The default perspective for roleplay in TGT is third person.

  12. Line Limit

    1. Being that TGT is a strict role play environment, we look to uphold a level of effort and quality that keeps all those within the dream satisfied. Most role players within the dream are semi-paragraph to multi-paragraph roleplayers. As such, we have a current 'line minimum' of three lines within Furcadia's smallest font.

  13. Idling

    1. As TGT has a very large population and many exciting areas for people to use, there is an idle system in place to help ensure there is enough room for everyone, and areas are not being tied up by inactive players. Disrespecting or getting around the idle system is not permitted. If you do not intend to roleplay, please spend the majority of your time in OOC areas, or the outskirts of main areas.

    2. OOC staff are permitted to idle in main areas only for the purpose of recording conversation logs.

    3. Please do not stand in walking aisles, doorways or other areas that make it difficult for people to move past or around you.

  14. Additional Notes and Disclaimer

    1. Please note that these rules are subject to changing over time. The dream will be notified whenever there are changes to these rules.

    2. The main goal of TGT is to provide an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere for all dream members. These rules have been created in order to support this goal. Staff reserve the right to exercise discretion when enforcing these rules.

    3. Where a rule is not specific or technical enough, situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

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