1. Cage Types
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Feeding
  4. Punishments
  5. Training
  6. Escape Attempts
  7. Restraints & Belongings
  8. NPC Guards
  9. Slave F.A.Q.

TGT is a strict (IC) or in character continuity with an adult environment. As such, there are the following rules to follow;

1. Cage Types

There are different cages designated for different types of slaves. Each cage is guarded, those with bars are locked.

    Harem Pen:
    Located to left of the stairs to the bar.
      This cage is for well trained slaves ONLY. These slaves have excellent training and are strictly obedient to The Golden Tether and owners. They have no interest or inclination to attempt an escape and are given more freedom and comforts. In no way are untrained or disobedient slaves housed here. These slaves are more likely to be allowed to wander free. A slave can't simply pretend and assume they've fooled staff to be allowed in the harem cages. The harem pen is less of a cage and more of a designated area for trained slaves. There are no bars to keep the slaves in, instead there are expensive, gauzy drapes that gather at the corners and the inside of the pen has comfortable, clean pillows.

    Main Cages / Center Cages:
    There are two, both are located in the center of the Main Hall.
      These cages are for new/untrained slaves and disobedient slaves. The bars are heavily reinforced and go straight up to the ceiling. The doors can only be opened by a key and locks automatically when closed. The metal bars of the cages are not easily bent or warped, and is nearly impossible. The Golden Tether has housed violent slaves in the past and has taken steps that escape from the cage is difficult. The bars are treated with magical wardings, and know any magical slaves will be properly bound and their abilities suppressed if they use it to harm others.
      The floor is stone, cool, and there is no straw, contrary to popular belief. Just cold stone floors.

    Located to the right of the Harem Pen, by the bar.
      Seeing as The Golden Tether is located on an island, it only made sense to have an aquarium to house captured natives or aquatic slaves.
      The glass is reinforced and shatter proof. While the edges and ladders are a hard, tough metal, gold washed. The water is changed regularly and there is rarely any scum forming in the aquarium.

    Individual Platforms & Cages:
    Located along the walls.
      Here are individual holding 'cells' for slaves. These may hold slaves that are particularly disobedient or maybe they were separated from the rest as an attempt to show the slave off.
      The platforms are carved marble and are about three feet high. Some platforms have cushions. The slave is kept in place by different means, more obedient slaves are simply restrained by a collar at the neck, a chain leading back to the wall. Hardly any slack in the chain is given and it is impossible to move off the platform. A handful of cages hang from the ceiling or fixed to a wall, there is barely enough standing room, and no room for a slave to lay down. Other platforms have restraints for both neck, arms and legs, some slaves may find themselves bound in chains, their movements severely limited.

2. Cleanliness

All cages are cleaned on a regular basis, depending upon the cage water is changed, Pillows are regularly washed. It is rare for the cages to be left dirty. Slaves are also given the opportunity to wash themselves, if they refuse to bathe regularly Guards will force clean them, and this normally includes repeatedly dunking them in a washbasin (and such an act is almost like being water-board - not a pleasant experience.)
Slaves are checked on arrival for any illnesses or injury. These are addressed and the slave may be kept confined until they are well and then put up for sale or to be rented.

3. Feeding

Slaves are fed regularly, ranging from two to three times a day. A hungry slave can become a starved slave and will cause The Golden Tether to lose money. Slaves are normally given a variety in meals, vegetarian and meat options and sometimes something different for the ferals. There are times that the food may be lacking, and maybe a meal 'forgot', but the slaves never starve in TGT. Slaves aren't allowed to be fed by patrons unless the patron is renting them out.

4. Punishments

Every now and then slaves will do something to be punished. The types of punishments may be the typical type, or may be unique. Slaves are always punished for something they may have done wrong. Lipping off to any staff, starting fights, lipping off to patrons, not performing a task quickly enough, any sort of disobedience.

  • Number of lashes every morning before breakfast.
  • Meal restrictions. (Example, only stale bread and water for two weeks.)
  • Humiliation.
  • Public punishment.
  • Forced anything, bondage, dress, etc cetera.

OOC Punishments: It is unlikely that staff will be able to personally carry out punishments put on to your slave character due to the volume of slaves and the punishment itself. We will operate by a 'let's say we did, but didn't' rule. If staff are unable to interact with your character you will have to discuss the punishment OOCly, and it will be up to you, the player, to assume the punishment has taken place.
You can't assume your slave is a hellraiser and never gets punished and always gets away with things. This is unfair and takes away from the setting! Also, slaves who never learn from their punishments are unrealistic - there is no such thing as an unbreakable slave. The Golden Tether would simply kill a slave that was highly disobedient; that is the easiest, quickest solution and another overambitious slave would soon take it's place. However, no one would really wish to allow their character to die.
Also! Staff aren't always able to catch the slave in the act, but an NPC Guard sure would (more on this farther down), as long as the punishment is reasonable, feel free to come up, and assume punishment for your slave. If you are unsure, ask a staff member!

5. Training

All unbroken slaves are given some form of training, some are left to be broken by new owners where others are taken on by TGT, broken and trained. Slaves that may be best fitted as a pleasure slave are given the appropriate training, so are those that fit well as a companion, body guard, or labour slave. If a slave is found obedient and worthy The Golden Tether will put time and money in to that slave - a well train slave means a higher price when the slave is put up for sale.

OOC Note: Feel free to claim an NPC Guard has trained your slave (as not all staff will have time to do so.) This can be from simple social etiquette, manners, ability to read & write, self defence, training in pleasure and pain. Feel free to be creative, but within reason (TGT isn't going to train slaves to be wizards or amazing scholars.)

6. Escape Attempts

OOC Note: If you're thinking of making your character escape please discuss it was a staff member before hand! Escape isn't as easy as it seems. The cages automatically locked when closed and the cages are both well reinforced and nearly impossible to climb. Also, it's an island - and everywhere outside of TGT is wild and dangerous. It'd be quite difficult for them to get off the island. If you're still set on having your character do an escape, please talk to staff and we might be able to come up with something. (Once again, staff is limited so we may not be able to accomidate your request!)

7. Restraints & Belongings

All slaves that need to be restrained will be. Those that are obedient and have no intent of escaping are giving more freedom (such as the open Harem Pen.) If the slave has been known to bite or fire breath, they'd be muzzled. If the slave has magical abilities that could be used for destruction magical binds are be placed on them to negate their magical abilities.
All belongings are removed from the slaves as soon as they arrive on the island. These items are stored until the slaves are rented or sold. On some occasions items have mysterious gone missing, likely stolen or sold for a profit. Weapons are destroyed, all monies are turned over to the House (The Golden Tether.) Slaves are searched each time before they're put into the pens, just like inmates at a prison.

8. NPC Guards

OOC Note: Just because OOC Guards or IC Handlers may not be around doesn't mean the cages go unguarded. There are numerous well trained NPC Guards that patrol the Main Hall every hour of the day. There are NPC Guards that guard each cage. You cannot assume your character has killed an NPC Guard and that is why they are put up for sale - this is not allowed, NPC Guards are not pushovers, and if your character were to murder an NPC Guard, let's be realistic - TGT would execute the character. If any maiming or severe damage is done to a NPC Guard you have to get the OK from an OOC Staff member.
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