Please note, this system is completely optional and meant to be fun for those people that use it. The money system only works in The Golden Tether and not in the private rooms of The House of the Golden Moon. To access the money purse, click the golden coin next to the AFK/Pounce Paw/Bookmark this dream above the text box in TGT. This will tell you how much money is in your purse at any given time.
You can find a break down of TGT's currency here.

Money Purse

*open purse ###### - There is a six number code you will need to open your purse. It will periodically change. You can find it on this page.

After you've opened your purse, you can set your character's social class/status so that your character can earn a weekly paycheck. Each day that you're logged into the Tether, you will get a partial paycheck. If you do not log a character in for more than 14 days, you will skip two weeks worth of pay. Basically, you'd lose a paycheck. If you sign on every few days, however, you will get your full pay check for the days you were gone. No one is going to be checking that you chose the right social class for your character, it's up to you guys to be on the honor system.

*slaveclass - Will not earn money since slaves don't earn money for themselves. Slaves can be given money by people with money. We would ask that people not give unowned slaves money as the money would technically be taken from them upon entering the pen.

*poor - Sets your starting money at 10 gold. You'll earn 10 gold/week just by logging into the Tether.

*middleclass - Sets your starting money at 50 gold. You'll earn 60 gold/week just by logging into the Tether.

*noble - Sets your starting money at 150 gold. You'll earn 200 gold/week just by logging into the Tether.

Now! You've got income coming in (assuming you're not a slave).. What can you do with it? First of all, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Tether's currency information, found here (hint: It's also where you'll find the code to open your money purse.) You can spend, give, or bet money. You can only spend, give, or bet up to 100 of any particular denomination of currency, so at any one time, you can give 100 platinum, 100 gold, 100 silver, or 100 copper.

*spend platinum # / *spend gold # / *spend silver # / *spend copper # - Useful at the bar or for renting a room or renting a slave when there is no official IC staff around. Basically, when you do this, the money is subtracted from your account and is simply gone to the ether.

*give platinum # [Furrename] / *give gold # [Furrename] / *give silver # [Furrename] / *give copper # [Furrename] - Allows you to give money to a furre of your choosing. The money is subtracted from your moneypurse and added to theirs. Be sure not to use any spaces in the person's name or the money could go to someone else. Be very careful, if you give the money to someone else, it's gone and you will have to wait to earn it back. This can be used to pay merchants, bartenders, or anyone that renders you a service.

Betting System

*bet platinum # [Furrename] / *bet gold # [Furrename] / *bet silver # [Furrename] - Allows you to bet money on a furre of your choosing in an event. You must bet at least 1 silver on a furre in order for the bet to count. A staff member will have to set up the odds for the furres that are to be bet on and then will call for bets. The money is subtracted from your coin purse and you will be paid money if your fighter or participant ends up being the winner. The Tether takes a 30% cut from all winnings.

Be sure not to use any spaces (or furcadia pipes | ) in the person's name or the money could go to someone else or you might not be able to collect your winnings. Be very careful, if you bet the money on the wrong person, it's gone and you'll have to wait to earn the money back. Only one bet at a time will count, so if you mess up your first bet and want to try again, the second bet will overwrite the first bet, but you will not get the money back from your first bet.

As a side note, for team matches, the staff member officiating the match will let everyone know who to bet on (i.e. team1, team ulfrik, feraandsiena, etc). The staff member will always be responsible for letting you know the odds of the participants before the betting begins. At some point during the event, the staff member will stop taking bets. If you haven't gotten your bet in by this time, you've simply lost your opportunity to make a bet.

*winnings - This is how you retrieve your winnings if the furre you bet on wins. Once the winner of the event has been announced, you will have five minutes to collect your winnings before you lose your chance. You must type *winnings to collect your money.

We're hopeful that the system is free of bugs and kinks, but we doubt such will be the case. If you find a bug, please report it to Fera in whispers on the board. Documentation of the issue is always appreciated.

I'd just like to reiterate, the command always has to go *spend/*give/*bet then the denomination platinum/gold/silver/copper and finally the number and the recipient's name or the person you're betting on. If you don't do the command in this manner, the system won't work correctly.

Tether Betting System

OOC: A guide to the betting involved around fights, allowing patrons another IC way to earn money off the fighting system other than just fighting. The information can be obtained from any gladiators, guards or staff associated with the fight system.


Betting on fights is an exciting way to add extra enjoyment for those spectating on a fight, it is also a means to make money. Training a slave and winning money off their fights can earn patrons large sums of money very quickly, but also lose just as much.

Odds are decided based on a fighters record, how many wins they have, how many losses they have. Then how that all compares to their opponent's record. The fighter with the best win to loss ratio and win amount will receive the most favorable odds, however those afford a smaller payout.

The fighter with the worst record will be the underdog and receive the most unfavorable odds, but should they win those odds can make someone very rich. Though the chances of them winning is lower, hence the risk involved.

The Favorite* = 2:1 to 3:1
The Steady** = 4:1 to 7:1
The Underdog*** = 8:1 to 12:1

* The fighter with more wins than losses, against an opponent with a poor record.
** The fighter with with even or close to even win to losses.
*** The fighter with more losses than wins, against a superior opponent

The odds multiply money bet on an outcome. A bet of one platinum on odds of 2:1 would give a payback of two platinum.

The same bet on an underdog with odds of 10:1 would give a payout of ten platinum or one hundred gold.

However betting is always in favor of the house, The Golden Tether claims all failed bets and takes a 30% cut of all winning bets. To pay for the up keep of slaves, medical facilities (free medical treatment for all fighting slaves) and arena maintenance. Also profit, the Tether is a business.

The earlier bet of one platinum on 10:1 odds would payout ten platinum, but only seven platinum or 70 gold after the Tethers cut.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are bets made on a very specific outcome, for instance that a fighter shall win by knockout in the early stages of the match. Or that in a 2:1 match that the winners shall be the side with two, but only one shall be left standing. So forth.
Proposition bets odds are for the Tether to decide, the Tether is also capable of refusing a bet if it feels the wager is not sound. However such bets, if accepted can usually offer a very profitable payout.

Debt and Credit

All betting patrons are required to hand over their money upfront, credit may be discussed with Tether staff and a betting tab may be set up. However those who do this must do so at their own risk, the Tether does not extend credit and those who fail to repay what they owe may find themselves thrown in the arena or even enslaved.

Slaves may not bet as they are not allowed to own currency, however they may bet on an owners behalf assuming written permission is shown. Slaves who forge such notes or who break this rule will be met with the harshest of punishments.


Q: Is the money system mandatory?
A: Nope! You aren't required to use it at all. We thought it'd be a nifty feature to add in for patrons and staff alike to use as they please. It provides some added realism into your roleplay.

Q: Is the betting system mandatory?
A: No. You aren't required to use it if you don't want to, you'd simply handle bets as they used to be handled. If a gladiator or staff member is using the betting system during an arena fight, just inform them via whisper that you won't be using it but still want to place a bet. They'll whisper you your winnings once the match is over.

Q: Is it possible to earn a larger paycheck?
A: No. What we have set for paycheck amounts will remain the way they are. It isn't possible to earn more or less than what is pre-set.

Q: I (or they) haven't made enough money yet and want to send amount. / They don't use the money system but want to pay me! How does that work? A: It doesn't! There is no way to add money out of thin air. You either gain money via your paycheck or someone gives you money from their opened money purse. It would be unfair to allow people to add whatever they wished to their money purses. If someone gives your character money but don't use the money purse, you'll have to track that separately.

Q: Why don't you have this type of class?
A: We wanted to keep the class system for paychecks pretty simple and the classes we've put in cover a wide variety of types. Perhaps you're a rich or poor business person or merchant, you could set yourself up as noble or poor. We ask that people go on the honor system and trust they'll select the appropriate class for their character.

Q: What is the code to open the money purse?
A: Please make sure to read over the instructions carefully. It informs you how to find the code.

Q: I spent all of my money! Can I get more?
A: No. You'll have to wait until you've earned more for your paycheck! Think of it as an interesting twist in your characters story-line. What would they do if they suddenly found themselves broke?

Q: I accidentally typed the wrong amount/wrong command/wrong name, can I get my money back?
A: Because the money system isn't mandatory, TGT staff is not going to spend time policing it any more than absolutely necessary. If staff make an error that causes you not to get paid for some reason, however, we will make sure that you get your money. But you have to follow the rules of the money system.

Q: I found a bug!
A: Please report any and all bugs to Fera. She is our Phoenix Speak and Dragon Speak monkey. <3
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