Q: What are some basic rules on roleplaying in TGT?

A: All posts must be more than three lines long in Furcadia’s smallest font. All areas are considered In-Character with the exception of the OOC Room (say *ooc to get there.) Talking out-of-character must be kept to whispers at all times.
TGT is low-technology and any characters roleplaying modern items in highly populated areas will be asked to move elsewhere or to stop referring to items that wouldn’t exist in TGT. (For roleplaying in The Golden Tether please check out the numerous links under the Continuity header on the TGT website.)

Q: What are the age restrictions for TGT?

A: All characters must be 18 years or older in intelligence, behaviour, and appearance. All players (OOCly) must be 18 years of age or older.

Q: What is the in-game command for a list of dream features (locals, warps)?

A: When in game press F3. Various buttons on the skins are also designated for location warps as well as local species.

Q: How do I see what staff members are online?

A: While in game say *staff. A list of different staff members (OOC, IC, etc) that are online will appear on your screen.

Q: How does the Arena Battle System work?

A: Please go here for more information.

Q: Who created the fight system and the Automated Battle System?

A: Weremagnus under the alt Blacan was TGT's Arena Master for some time. She started the arena dice system when issues with text-fighting arose, such as godmoding and fights easily being three hours long. When the arena became more popular and we wanted to make the system more user friendly. Fera completed the automated system via use of Dragon Speak and Phoenix Speak. Weremagnus provided the buttons and the ABS (Automated Battle System) was born.

Q: Who created the money purse?

A: The money purse can be found free to use on the Furcadia forums with a variety of versions. We've heavily edited ours to work with a pay check and specific coin values.

Q: What does TGT expect of slave characters?

A: Please read here for more information.

Q: What does TGT expect of patrons?

A: Please read here for more information.

Q: Am I allowed to use any default TGT portraits, patches, avatars or other artwork as my own?

A: No. Anyone caught stealing TGTs items will be banished and reported to the Guardians.

Q: Do I have to register on the TGT forums?

A: No, but it is recommended especially for by-the-minute updates, announcements and the ability to make your own events and or Roleplay notices. However, registering at the forums is necessary for those wishing to participate in our Arena system.

Q: Is there an Out of Character place to hang out?

A: Yes we have an OOC room which you can access by typing *ooc or pressing the OOC button on the dream's skin.

Q: Another player is harassing me, what do I do?

A: You need to consider how they are harassing you. Is this something you can handle on your own by simply ceasing contact with the person and putting them on ignore? Is it in whispers (see next Q/A) ? Is this something that should be brought up to the Guardians? If you are unsure you can always contact an OOC Staff member. If the person is harassing you out in the open we may be able to do something about it.

Q: Someone is harassing me in whispers! What do I do?

A: We highly recommend putting the person on ignore and the silence rule. Please don't encourage friends to whisper or harass the person as this may cause more problems than necessary. We do not patrol whispers.

Q: Someone is breaking TGT rules! What do I do?

A: Contact OOC Staff immediately. Please do not take it upon yourself to enforce the rules, that is OOC Staffs job, not a patrons. By doing so you may make matters worse.

Q: Why was I moved by the idle system but I wasn't afk?

A: Our idle system depends on whether a person is actively posting. If you haven't been posting in the main window for an allotted time you will have the idle button appear in the middle of the screen. If you don't click the button you will be moved within ten minutes. If you were anywhere IC but hadn't been posting in the main area, you will be automatically moved after 5 hours. You will have to say *ic to return to the In Character area. Whispers do not count, the system only tracks posts in the main Furcadia window.

Q: Where are the private rooms located?

A: Due to a limit in dream size, TGT's rooms are located in a separate dream called the House of the Golden Moon. You can say *rooms in the main Furcadia window to warp to the hallway where the rooms dream is located. The rooms dream has a considerable amount of stylized rooms, some rooms representing different times of day, others with large bathing pools, and those with chains and whips.

Q: There are no staff online and I want to make a purchase of a slave / purchase at the bar. What do I do?

A: Staff aren't always available or may be busy doing other things. For small things such as ordering food, renting or purchasing slaves, your character can interact with a Non-Player-Character. This will speed up the process and allow you to continue roleplaying with little hinderance. If you would like staff interaction feel free to whisper staff to see if they are available.

Q: What's with all these NPC's?

A: We make use of Non-Player-Characters due the establishments the size and what they trade in. It's expected that numerous NPC guards would always be patrolling, and sadly an expectation of having 20 player made guards isn't realistic (and would be a bit much.) For an establishment that has upwards to 200 hundred people in it (and likely more with NPCs), TGT would need a decent force of Guards. As an example, the Main Hall and bar is always staffed by NPC Guards, so should a fight take place it'll be broken up in no time. Staff isn't always capable to break up fights - and let's not forget, fighting outside of the arena, Underhall, and private rooms isn't allowed.

Q: Can my character carry weapons in TGT?

A: Only if they are a patron, slaves are not allowed to carry weapons or have any of their own items. Fighting outside of the Arena, Underhall, or private rooms is not allowed. If a fight breaks out outside of those areas, a guard or NPC guard will break up the fight and move them to the Arena.

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