The TGT Battle Dice System is created by Weremagnus. Modifications and updates have been made by Quietus Redux and Weremagnus.
Standard Dice Aspects Automated Battle System Post Duration Leveling, Experience and Rewards F.A.Q.

    Q: Will there be live demonstrations/classes going over the system for those of us still fuzzy about the whole thing?

    A: Yes. They will be announced, otherwise keep an eye out and watch for emits regarding battles with TGT Gladiators as they use the dice system.

    Q: I don't understand this Aspect thing.

    A: Aspect System is 100% optional and will NEVER be enforced in any official TGT matches. It has been designed, however, to work in conjunction to the Standard Dice so that people can cross-over their style of play.

    Q: I don't like this AT ALL. Its going to ruin Arena fighting forever!

    A: Then don't use it. But don't expect to be involved in any Regulation events. It's also NOT going to change arena fighting drastically. Posting still occurs like it always has, one person after another. Only during that time where people have to decide for themselves whether or not to accept or dismiss an attack against them, the new Dice System will do it instead. This lets Chance take control, balances things out and most of all deters any attempts to God-Mode.

    Q: What is the point?

    A: The point of this being developed is to keep a relatively equal chance of hit/miss for people participating in the Arena, or fights in general. It is intended to eliminate God-Moding and Power-Playing.

    Q: I'm interested in using the Aspect System. Where do I post my Aspects?

    A: View/Add/Edit your character's aspects here!

    Q: I'm familiar with Dice rolling, but this seems just too simplified. There's so many other variables to consider, especially with the Aspects.

    A: To this there is no dispute: the amount of variables is technically endless, especially if you are familiar with a DnD or other tabletop RPG system. However, in order to keep the accessibility of TGT's arena events broad, and to prevent massive confusion, the system was created with full intention to be minimal and supplementary to Arena fights, not a replacement. We still want people to post wicked actions!

    Q: Say somebody "attacks the other person's wrist" with the pure intention of disarming them of a weapon they are holding. How is it decided if the weapon would be disarmed?

    A: You would proceed same as an attack/defend. In order to disarm somebody, you must get a 15+ on a severity roll and you must state you're trying to disarm beforehand. The 15+ on severity is considered before the opponent's stamina and armor(if they have any in the area) are figured in. If successful, the fighter would lose his weapon bonus for at least his next attack or until he can realistically get it back. In the automated system, you would need to click the weapons button so that your weapons are no longer counted in your attack.

    Q: Say the attack roll and the defending roll end up being equal. What should we do then?

    A: Make another attack! You are welcome to post that the attack was parried, deflected, or weapons were engaged somehow.

    Q: I've reached 0 or negative hit points in a fight, what does that mean?

    A: Unless the fight is to the death or something similar, 0 HP is considered a Knock-Out or the point your character decides they simply don't want to fight anymore. If you go the unconscious route, it could be from blood loss or a strike to the head. It's not mortally wounded and at death's door unless you want it to be. Death should probably be the negative of what your hp actually is. If you have 44 hp, dead would be at -44. Just as a reference. This is not a hard and fast rule.

    Q: My stats came up wrong when I clicked on a fighter number, what do I do?

    A: Sometimes the system will hiccup from the amount of phoenix speak that it uses. To fix this problem, click your fighter number again (i.e. Fighter 1) and cease being that fighter. When you choose to be that fighter again, your stats should reset to the correct stats. If this doesn't fix the problem, let QuietusRedeux know on Furcadia or send Fera a PM on the boards. If you need some sort of fix immediately, let the fight moderator know.

    Q: In my fight, someone isn't eligible to get xp because it hasn't been a week since they last fought. Will I still get XP?

    A: Yes! Everyone in a fight that is eligible to get xp for the fight will get xp for it, so long as it meets all the other criteria to be an official Tether match.

    Q: There's no one around to moderate my fight right now, what should I do?

    A: Try back later. Staff are real people who have real lives and they may not always want to moderate a fight. There are an average of four or five fights every day. There are are currently fifteen staff members including managers. So generally you will be able to find someone to moderate a fight. There are fewer staff on in the mornings and on weekends, especially holiday weekends, so you may have a harder time finding someone then. Staff are not required to moderate fights, especially if they're not gladiators and can moderate or not at their convenience. We will not force staff to moderate fights. Please be patient with us. If you've tried two or three different times to get someone to moderate (different days, for the same fight) and can't find anyone, please bring it to the attention of a manager and we'll do our best to fix you up. You might also consider making an appointment a day in advance with a staff member to be sure someone will be around when you want to fight.

    Q: Can I give my XP to someone who fought with me / can I give my XP to another character of mine?

    A: No. Any experience that is accrued will only be given to the character who fought in the arena match and loss or won the fight.

    Q: My slave just finished fighting in the arena and needs medical attention.

    A: All slaves, owned and unowned, have their wounds taken care of after fighting in the arena. TGT will not leave a slaves wounds to fester; gladiators and fighters have to have their wounds tended to, to ensure their health and continue fighting in the arena. More often than not it is simply assumed that NPC medics have taken care of the slave, however, if you so wish to have a friend or someone who plays an IC Medic handle your characters wounds, you may do so. (This applies to both slaves and free persons.) If TGT supplies an owned slave with medical attention the owner will be charged a small fee. Please remember there is a three-day rest period between fights and seven days between being eligible for XP to give your character chance to heal.

    Q: Is the fight considered official if no one is eligible for XP?

    A: No. At least one person has to be eligible for XP for an official fight to take place.

    Q: My fight is taking too long, can we just end it in a tie?

    A: No. Official fights must have a winner. After the fight has lasted at least an hour and both parties want to quit, then the person with the highest hp can be declared winner. The only way to have a match end in a tie is if the match is declared to no longer be official. This means that neither party will get XP for it.

    Q: I want a third party to interrupt the fight at the end, can I do that? What if I want my character to be forced to fight in the arena?

    A: In an official match, both participants must be willing to fight one another. Begging to get out of the arena will invalidate the match. In an official match, a third party would not be allowed to get into the arena until the match is officially over. If you want this type of storyline for your character(s), please keep it to unofficial matches (that can still be emitted, but don't need to be moderated.)

    Q: I can't seem to win in the arena!

    A: Opponents more than one aspect point apart (i.e. 2 and 5 or 4 and 6) are not well matched for each other. Nine times out of ten, the person with two+ more aspect points than their opponent will win. Not everyone is meant to be a gladiator.
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