Wheel of Reward and Punishment

Wheel of Reward and Punishment is exactly how it sounds! It is an IC game played in the Stage of TGT. Each player turns the wheel and waits to see if it lands on a Punishment or Reward! It does cost [ICly] 2 silver to play and your character can pay a fee of 50 silver to get out of doing something.
Only patrons and owned slaves with permission can take part. (Sorry! It'd make little sense for an unowned slave to take part as it costs money and TGT wouldn't allow it.)

  • This is an IC game. Occasional OOC comments are allowed as we are in the main Stage away from the other IC areas, but please keep them to a minimum.
  • Only patrons or owned slaves with permission from their owners may play.
  • You must pay [ICly] 2 silver to play.
  • If at any moment your character doesn't want to do a dare they may pay 50 silver or 5 gold, but they might get booed!
  • IC posts must be kept between 3 to 6 lines in Furcadia's smallest font.
  • Please post quick and fast, if you're just receiving a coupon for a free item you don't have to post.
  • Rounds will vary, typically three will be done.
  • If you played in the last Wheel game (if recently played) you can't participate in this on. No alts please. This is to give everyone a chance to play.
  • If it says do something to the person to your left or right, or of your choice.. it can be either watcher or participant!
  • Participants aren't allowed mid game, sorry!
  • Have fun!

  • Commands:
  • When it is your turn say 'roll 1d20' (no quotes).
  • If you have to leave please say *leave to exit the game.

Obstacle Course

First off, we have an obstacle course where dice rolls determine whether you've made it past a specific obstacle or not. Any staff member can give you access to use the system and only people with access to use the system will see the results of the rolls. Though this is primarily intended for staff use for slaves, it can easily be adapted for private use in one of the less crowded areas of the Tether such as the beach or underhall. Maybe your he-man wants to test his mettle against others?

Generally speaking, all participants in the obstacle course will line up after they've gotten permission to use the system from a staff member. They will begin running toward the first obstacle and type *roll after their post. The system will then let them know if they pass the first obstacle. Each turn will be ended with a roll by the person that just posted to determine where they are in the obstacle course. There are four obstacles that one must pass through. The obstacles can be pretty much anything you desire, but there must be four. The first person to reach a cumulative total of 70 passes the finish line first. If two people pass the finish line in the same round of posts, then the person with the highest total score wins first and the lower score is second. All you the player has to do is type *roll each round and the system will do the rest!

Slave Chase

Second, we have an adaptation of a Gorean game called "Slave Chase." The goal of slave chase is for a bunch of blindfolded free people to chase a blindfolded and belled slave around an area just by following the sounds of the bells. All one really needs to do for this is to let the person refereeing know that you want to play. Up to four people can chase one slave. After everyone is sufficiently blindfolded, the ref swats the slave into motion and everyone starts trying to run after the slave blindly. After the first round of posting, the ref will roll for the slave and the chasers and the distance from the slave will be calculated. The second round of posting will be the slave trying to escape from the chasers while the chasers either close in or get further away depending on the previous roll. The ref rolls again and the new distance from the slave is shown. This can go on for up to four rounds with the person closest to the slave at the end of round four getting to take the slave home for the night, free of charge.

During rounds 3 and 4, if any participant should manage to get 0 feet away from the slave, that means they've caught the slave and the game is called over by the referee. It's mostly meant to be good natured fun and a few drinks beforehand would likely help with the laughs as some people head in the complete opposite direction of the slave.
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