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Staff Position: Bartender
Species: Mouse

Kasim the Dervish

Staff Position: Entertainer; Fire-Eater
Species: Jackal
Age: 68
Behaviour: Kasim is an old mendicant who has given up his worldly possessions for religious reasons. He is reverent and wise, but also quick-witted and humorous, and never lets his piety impede his ability to engage a crowd. He is friendly, jovial and vivacious, with the energy of a youth and the dramatic senses of a seasoned performer. In addition to his manipulation of flame (fire-eating, fire-breathing and flame art that utilizes alchemical mixtures to change the colour of the fire), Kasim can perform the dance of the whirling dervish, and is a gifted storyteller to boot.
History: Kasim was born into servitude, for both of his parents were house slaves; however, their domestic situation was a comfortable one, and he was raised to believe in the sanctity of slavery. He was middle-aged when he was granted his liberty in his late master's will, and devoted his remaining years to spiritualism. Having been trained as a palatial performer in his youth, he was able to use these abilities (particularly his fire-eating) to maintain a humble, nomadic lifestyle, donating his excess funds to whomever he saw fit. He came to Guildereim during the End of Days, where his flashy performances soon caught the eye of the House.
Quirks: A bit hard of hearing, which he plays up to comedic effect during his performances. His mastery of fire and Persian ancestry have led some to believe that one of his forebears may have been an Ifrit. His passage to Guildereim almost claimed his life, and he has since developed a debilitating phobia for sea-travel, vowing to never again set foot aboard a ship.

Myriam Harmon

Staff Position: Entertainer; Bartender
Species: Minotaur
Age: 35
Behavior: Smarmy and headstrong. Not in the least bit shy, either. Don't let her sweet face fool you, this girl's all vim, vigor and spice. Definitely knowing how to handle mass quantities of crowds, not to mention boisterous individuals, this woman can remember a wide range of orders from the simplest to the most complicated. This is likely due to her previous training as a soldier, yet priorities were switched when she accepted this job.
History: She's a gal that can hold her liquor and enjoys bragging about doing so. Born and raised on the island, she was initially trained to be a soldier. However, she came to an agreement with Selene a few years ago in exchange for goods and a more 'respectable' career. Her wit, charm and knowledge of alcohol landed her the job with ease.
Quirks: She's known to initiate arm wrestling competitions when drunk- beware. She hasn't lost a single match yet.



Staff Position: Gladiator
Species: Kaoe'i, chameleon-based
Age: 39
Behaviour: Mostly blunt and no nonsense, but has a surprisingly black sense of humor. Able to stand up to even the biggest Gladiator with her deadly spear and shield combo and quick reflexes. Treats new and veteran gladiators equally: with a firm, unyielding patience no matter how irritable and fed-up she may appear to be.
History: A native to the island, Zuru'aha was part of a local Kaio'e tribe which became involved in an altercation with patrolling Tether guards. She and several others were taken into custody and indentured into service by the leaders of their tribe, to repay the establishment for damages. Zuru'aha was quickly recognized as a capable fighter, and made into a pit slave. Over the years, she managed to win her freedom, and even secure a respected position as a free Gladiator.
Quirks: Stands about 5'8". Her eyes can move independently of one another, and she often gives the impression that she's watching everything at once (or very nearly). The color of her skin occasionally shifts in relation to surroundings or emotions. Occasionally uses her tongue as a secondary weapon.



Staff Position: Captain of the Guard
Species: European badger
Age: 39
Behavior: A surly, yet rather quiet figure. Although he is known for his professional demeanor, those who know him well are more privy to his short tempered tendencies. He is curt, blunt and to the point. Often lacking in discretion. He loves his job, and would very quickly give his life in service of it.
History: A soldier from Catolia. Though rumors are he had been discharged and exiled, rather than the several different stories he gives. Working his way up from the position of a new guard, and into the favor of authority figures. After the previous guard captain Simon was killed during the Drakorian Siege, Marius was promoted as guard captain.
Quirks: They are very fond of using a whip, and on occasion demonstrate their affinity for inflicting harm.

Ss'sska Saskala

Staff Position: Guard
Species: Anthro Dragon
Age: 74 (Equivalent to a human's late 20s)
Behavior: Ss'sska is sleek, streamlined and fine boned; while he may seem almost delicate on land he is cunning, swift and incredibly efficient upon taking to the sky. Ss'sska is rare to see indoors, usually patrolling along the Tether's outskirts and coastline by wing to pick off would-be escapees and intruders - often simply scooping offenders up, carrying them to great heights before releasing them unto the island's jagged cliffs.
History: An avid Dracorian hunter, Ss'sska left his homeland in search of greater wealth. During his flights, he found what he was looking for in Guildereim. His skill in aerial combat easily earned him a place amongst the Tether's ranks, although he is both young and new on the ranks.
Quirks: Can't resist anything with a shine or sparkle - when Ss'sska is handling slaves, he may tear jewelry, piercings and glittering ornaments clean off if they have not already been removed or confiscated - Most harem slaves detest him.


Staff Position: Guard
Species: Wolverine
Age: 43
Behaviour: Above all else, he believes in fairness. He isn't above using brute force to achieve his goals, but always within certain boundaries. "The punishment must fit the crime" is a mantra that he lives by. Usually very even-tempered with a cold air of confidence, he's very much at home in a guard capacity. Despite this, he's perfectly capable of being cordial and polite.
History: Something of a loner from childhood, he was never the type to get very attached. It was a perfect fit for him when he was trained in combat and his skills grew. Soon he was highly sought after for his services, though he was fairly picky about the assignments he was given. Upon reaching middle age, he knew exactly where he wanted to retire: The Golden Tether.
Quirks: Something of a clean freak, he can almost always be seen shining something be it his armor, his boots or the many blades that he carries around with him at any given time.

Lazlo Barton

Staff Position: Guard
Species: Cape Buffalo
Age: 39
Behaviour: Gruff, Quiet. Very proud of his capabilities, and serious with his job. Laz rarely slacks off, and tends to remain rather attentive and observant.
History: Former mercenary, started out work on the docks before being hired as a full-time guard during the Drakonian Invasion.
Quirks: Shows minor racism towards reptiles, favours the company of canines and other hooved creatures.

Wilhelm Walker

Staff Position: Guard
Species: Roosevelt Elk
Age: Early 30s
Behaviour: Guard Walker is not a complicated jock and enjoys some of life's finer things, like a good drink and nice cleavage. He's brash, loud, and is unwilling to put up with anyone's nonsense, to the point he might come off as hotheaded and temperamental. But he does his job well, even if his fellow guards think he's a pompous ass.
History: One of the newer recruits who joined the payroll after the Drakorian Siege, though he likes to claim that he was somehow a part of it, that the wyrmmes all turned tail when they heard he was coming, that he was delayed from arriving due to fighting dragons, etc.
Quirks: Flexes a lot.



Staff Position: Handler
Species: Kaoe'i - tuatara-esque
Age: 46
Behavior: Stoic and strict, with an intolerance for excuses and incapacity to be intimidated by anyone who is not one of his people.
History: With his tribe nearly obliterated by the Naga, Hepualaha'ole was one of few Kaoe'i to join the Tether ranks to oversee the latest shipments of imported bodies. New slaves may find themselves processed thoroughly by him upon their arrival, to determine where they belong on the market.
Quirks: Rumor has it that he might be bribed with sugar cane to overlook misdeeds. Has been given the nickname "Ollie" to those who have difficulty pronouncing his Kaoe'i name.

Ekron Rhym

Staff Position: Handler
Species: Caprid
Age: 52
Behaviour: A patient and rather quiet ram who is incredibly frank in his dealings with slaves and even other handlers. He works on giving basic training to slaves new to the island. He doesn't glorify what he does or think it a noble profession, but the job will get done one way or another as he is more than willing to adapt his strategies to fit different personalities. Some may consider him too old for it, but on record his slaves are often likely to become harem-worthy material.
History: A native to the island, Ekron was raised among his fellow caprid and within his own culture grew up handling the small group of slaves his family possessed. Quite the terror with a whip and cane in his youth, the ram found himself bored rather quickly by the lack of variation in routine required to break other natives captured and brought to caprid territory. Upon the residents of the Tether discovering the caprid culture, Ekron was one of the first willing to leave the safety of the mountains to see how things worked in the Golden Tether. He never went back, finding the variety of slaves and freepersons fascinating.
Quirks: He's a pretty hefty fellow, broad with a large stomach and some may wonder exactly how his legs can even carry him, but he is quite deceptively strong for one of his stature and fast when he wants to be (which isn't very often). He's usually not seen without a chaw of tobacco tucked in his lower lip, and completely not above spitting the foul stuff at sassy slaves. He's racist toward just about anyone who doesn't have hooves, but especially hates naga. Not really the 'chit-chat' sort, but he might creepily stay on the edge of conversations and then pretend he wasn't listening in.

House Slaves


Staff Position: House Slave
Species: Pygmy Sheep
Age: 28
Behavior: Polite and very well mannered, the sheep devotes her loyalty to the Tether and it's staff. However, she can be persuaded to spill juicey details about the establishment's patrons given the proper incentives.
History: Having been a slave since birth Maela knows the ins and outs of the slave trade and how to handle herself. Not only is she a well liked slave but one that shows great appreciation for her position and sports as a great example for the rest of the slaves. She was sold from her original owner in the North due to 'lack of funding' and thus traded to cover her master's debt, she has since been with the House.
Quirks: Makes pillows and blankets out of her wool for the slave stock flow.


Fausto Francese

Staff Position: Merchant; gems and jewelry
Species: Crested porcupine
Age: Late forties
Behaviour: Rather jolly, friendly and ultimately approachable. He is amicable and pleasant, heavy handed with compliments and praise. Behind the scenes he is two faced, happy to rob a family blind for his own gain and profit.
History: Fausto has always had a comfortable life and has never known much hardship. He took on his father's line of work when he died from over indulgence, a road that this porcupine will surely follow.
Quirks: He is a great source of gossip and rumours.

Balbalus Drohaga

Staff Position: Merchant; Treasurer
Species: Cane Toad
Age: 49
Behavior: Unabashedly greedy, repulsively lecherous toward any gender, physically lazy but mentally cunning. Makes an extravagant and generous party host otherwise - Balbalus is a gross old man, but also a lonely one. He can scarcely earn true companionship, but he is quite content to purchase it.
History: Balbalus has been with The Golden Tether for decades, some say as early as Skadowee's reign. Before coming to the island, he carried his trade upon Davask, a travelling city of conjoined ships hailing from deep regions of Kasuria. Upon the armada stopping in Guildereim's waters, Balbaus arrived on shore to trade, and never left.
Quirks: Uses his tongue as frogs do best - both on food and the buttocks entertainers, or to retrieve offered gold. Balbalus rarely walks anywhere and will sooner have a squad of personal slaves carry him over shoulder or push him on a wheeled platfrom.


Varrius Fink

Staff Position: Physician - works in the Tether infirmary
Species: Brown Ermine
Age: 80
Behaviour: Kindly and old, a little disorganized (some blame his only having one working eye, Fink is the quintessential doddering old fool who every slave and house slave is taken to upon being processed, or after a rental. He has a bit of a soft spot for the young women who come back to him bruised and battered, taking special care of them after they've been man-handled. He doesn't like it one bit, but keeps his job to ensure the slaves have someone to care for them after they're sent back to the pens.
History: Some say he's always been there. The rumor is that Fink himself was a slave before he apprenticed to the previous physician, inheriting his role after the former doctor's death.
Quirks: Has one milky white eye - knows exactly what order each jar of herbs is supposed to go in, even if it doesn't seem like they're in any order at all. There's a method to his madness, and any attempts to 'organize' his medicines or herbs usually results in a firm bop on the head by the ermine's cane head.

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Staff Position: Librarian
Species: Mouse

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Staff Position: Librarian
Species: Kaoe'i

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