- Guildereim is a very tropical set of islands similar to the Caribbean. Very rarely does it get cold enough to snow and the temperatures are usually between 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit (15-38 degrees Celsius.) The rainy season is in the Fall to Winter with hurricanes usually being the most threatening weather phenomenon. The Golden Tether is settled inside an inactive volcano and as such, is more protected from temperature shifts. Inside the Tether, the temperature usually runs 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit (21-30 degrees Celsisus) and is perfectly liveable. There is a pretty much a constant breeze coming off the water. The mountains in the middle of the islands can get more frigid in winter, frequently becoming cold enough for snow to stick on the ground.


- Many trees at the coastline grow at an angle because of the frequent breezes. Tropical flora flowers most of the year due to lack of a truly cold season. The soil is rich and suited to farming. The jungles of Guildereim are always lush and green.


- Birds are plentiful because they're able to get away from the landbound tribes. Rabbits, mice, bats, and rats have invaded the island brought by the ships that allow the Tether to function. Larger game animals such as deer and boar are plentiful (though not around the Tether.) Shark, dolphin, and almost any sort of warm water fish swim the waters around Guildereim with oyster beds around the dangerous reefs if anyone wants to go collecting them.
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